Condensation Control

Dampshield Condensation Control Services

Here at Dampshield, South Wales, we offer professional services to help combat condensation problems in properties.

What Causes Condensation?

Condensation is caused by moisture in the air. Excess moisture in the air is a common problem. There are many sources that release excess moisture into the air. Everyday tasks such as cooking, showering and hang drying clothes within the home are often to blame.

What happens when warm, moisture rich air comes into contact with a cold surface, such as a window?

When warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface, like a window, or cold external wall, for example, the temperature of the warm air decreases and therefore the air’s capacity for holding water molecules declines. This results in condensation.

Why is Condensation a Problem?

Condensation build up is a problem if left untreated. Condensation causes damp areas within the home, especially around window fittings and behind furniture that is placed against external walls.

How Can Dampshield Help with Condensation Control?

Here at Dampshield in South Wales we supply and install state of the art condensation control and house ventilation units manufactured by Sovereign Concure 20/20. Sovereign Concure 20/20 systems gently warm air via an intrinsically safe heater, therefore condensation is kept under control. In addition, the unit gently ventilates the home from a central location in the property. An innovative and stylish diffuser is fitted to the ceiling of the landing or hallway and the system gently ventilates the home. The Energy Efficient Sovereign Concure 20/20 unit utilises the latest technology to ensure minimum energy consumption and durability. Positioned in the loft, above the landing in a house or central hallway of a Bungalow, the system takes maximum advantage of solar gain and warm air stratification.

Benefits of Our Condensation Control Units

Installation of our state of the art, innovative condensation control units offer many benefits. We have condensed these down into a detailed list, so you can see straight away how you would benefit from one of our Dampshield systems.

  • Breathing fresh filtered air is a great way to boost your health
  • No more unsightly mould lurking near windows and doors
  • Ideal for all properties including flats and basements
  • Every room in your property will remain warm and dry all year round
  • Minimum energy consumption leads to reduced heating bills

Contact Dampshield

If you have a condensation problem within your home, we can help. We offer no obligation surveys to ensure that we recommend the best solution for your situation. Contact us to arrange a free no obligation survey on 01792 897 142.