Damp Proofing

Dampshield South Wales Damp Proofing

Here at Dampshield we offer comprehensive damp proofing services across South Wales. Damp is a common issue within buildings, but it can be remedied if the problem is addressed in time.

What Causes Damp?

Retention of unnecessary water within buildings is primary cause of damp problems which can lead onto structural decay. There are various types of damp which can affect your building. These include; wet rot, dry rot, rising lateral, condensation and penetrating damp. Because of the nature of these damp conditions, they produce the ideal environment where wood destroying insects and fungi thrive.

What Happens if a Damp Problem is Not Fixed?

If a damp problem is not remedied as soon as possible, this can lead to further damage to the building, and can result in serious structural damage. Usually damp is first identified on a cosmetic level. It is essential that upon discovering a damp issue that it is addressed to prevent further damage. Furthermore, a damp problem that is visible externally indicates that serious damage has already begun.

What is Rising Damp?

Rising damp can occur when a wall is in contact with soil. Soil usually has a high moisture content, therefore acting as a reservoir. The fabric of the wall has the ability to act as a sponge, wicking up water.  Serious damage can occur anywhere up to 1.2 meters above ground level. The more porous the fabric of the wall, the worse the problem can be.

Nowadays houses are built with damp proof courses which prevent rising damp. However, older houses are likely not to have this type of preventative measure built into the structure of the walls, therefore they are more prone to rising damp issues. Rising damp can still occur even when there is a damp course present. If the damp course is deficient and ineffective, this can also lead to rising damp issues.

How Can Rising Damp Be Fixed?

It is possible to fix rising damp before it causes major structural damage. Dampshield can fix a rising damp problem by using the damp proof coursing injection method.

We use the Sovereign system of damp proofing course injecting. This is the most widely used method of inserting a damp proof course into an existing building. This system first obtained an ‘Agreement Board Certification’ in 1975. This certification has been renewed every subsequent year after this. We choose to use this method as it is practical, effective and economical. In addition, this method also causes minimal disruption to the occupants whilst the building is being treated.

The Sovereign system is a proven and effective method to eliminate rising damp within properties. Furthermore, it is a system which is applicable to a wide range of walling materials. The entire operation from preliminary survey, through to the period of the Guarantee, is conducted to standards of materials, workmanship and business practice specified in British Standard 6576. In conclusion, it is a priceless reassurance to the householder or other property owner that we serve.