Dry Rot

Dry Rot Treatment Services in South Wales

What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a type of decay that can occur in timber. It is caused by fungal growth within timber. Once it has become established it has the capability to inflict serious damage to timber. The longer you leave it untreated, the more severe the damage will be. Conflicting to its name, dry rot does require moisture to grow. Moisture can come from many different sources, ranging from a drip from a pipe to damaged guttering on a property.

Professional treatments are available and can eliminate the problem once identified. If a dry rot problem is addressed swiftly, the treatment is easier and more cost effective. Here at Dampshield, we will act quickly and efficiently to treat your rot problem, minimising the damage caused to your property.

What Happens if a Damp Problem is Not Fixed?

If a damp problem is not remedied as soon as possible, this can lead to further damage to the building, and can result in serious structural damage. Usually damp is first identified on a cosmetic level. It is essential that upon discovering a damp issue that it is addressed to prevent further damage. Furthermore, a damp problem that is visible externally indicates that serious damage has already begun

Why Choose Dampshield?

Dampshield have extensive experience in dry rot treatment. Our knowledge and experience spans back over 28 years. We have earned an excellent reputation across South Wales and we are swift to react to enquiries. We only hire experienced and fully qualified members of staff; therefore, you can have confidence that your damp problem will be remedied to the highest standards possible.

If left untreated, dry rot can be devastating to a property. It can affect any aspect of your house that is constructed from timber. This includes; floor boards, roof rafters, frames, skirting boards and all other wood furniture.

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