Dampshield Tanking Services

What is Tanking?

The term ‘Tanking’ refers to the application of a bonded membrane to a substrate, which will prevent the passage of ground water. Tanking is the process of creating a watertight envelope around a properties surfaces that lie below ground level. It is an important process because it is likely that at some point, water pressure will come to bear upon the structure at some point. Ideally it is linked in with an effective damp proof course above ground level, which will prevent the passage of ground water.

Positive and Negative Tanking

Here at Dampshield, we apply tanking systems to either the positive side or negative side of a substrate. The positive method is achieved when the hydrostatic water pressure is pushing the tanking onto the substrate. This method is generally used in new build situations.

Negative tanking is where the system is applied to the other side of a wall, therefore the hydrostatic water pressure will try to push the tanking off the substrate. Negative tanking is generally used in existing basements and complies with the requirements of BS 8102. Successful application on the negative side requires a comprehensive specification, as supplied by Dampshield in conjunction with Sovereign Chemicals.

Investing in tanking will transform your damp basement or cellar into a dry space that can be used as an extra room.

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