Wall Tie Replacements

Wall Tie Replacement in South Wales

Dampshield offer wall tie replacement services across South Wales. If you suspect that any wall ties on your property are beginning to corrode or fail, do not hesitate to get in contact with Dampshield and our professional team will advise on the best solution.

What Are Wall Ties?

A wall tie is used to tie together the internal walls (also known as leaves) that are constructed of brick. They are fitted inside the cavity wall, and span across the length of the cavity. The ends of the wall ties are designed to lock together with the cement. This process therefore makes the wall stronger and more stable. Cavity walls that incorporate metal wall ties have been in use since the beginning of the 19th century. From 1945 cavity wall construction became the norm for houses and many other buildings.

It must be stressed that wall tie failure in a domestic property, is rarely an immediate threat to occupant’s safety. The risk is greater to adjacent properties. Therefore, measures must be taken to restrict access to the risk areas if severe wall tie failure is diagnosed.

How to Spot Wall Tie Failure

When wall ties fail, they will need replacing, this is so that they do not lead to further severe problems with the structure of the property. There are some visual indicators that a wall tie has failed. Such as:

 • Outward bulging of brickwork • Lifting or Sagging of lintels • Bowing of the properties brickwork • Horizontal cracks forming • Window reveals starting to separate

The damage that faulty wall ties cause to the properties structure will also facilitate the right environment for damp to penetrate the building.

How Can Dampshield Help with Faulty Wall Ties?

Dampshield specialise in wall tie replacement. We work quickly and efficiently to replace wall ties when they fail or become damaged. We supply and install replacement ties in various lengths to suit all cavity widths. The replacement ties incorporate a centre drip to prevent transmission of water across the cavity. Dampshield provide a guarantee on completion of wall tie replacement.

Here at Dampshield, South Wales, we pride ourselves in providing fast and friendly customer service. Therefore, you can be sure that Dampshield will complete all works in an efficient and professional manner.